I am a woman from Holland and my husband brought me two books about sweden from a carbootsale. We visit Sweden every year,for 25 years now. We love the North-west themost. Last year we were in Ammarnäs, and the hembygdsgård had a settlersfeast. We stayed whith a relative of yhe old settlers, but we did not understand much of the trubbles they had. Now I read about the Pålssons family I understand more. The country lives for me more. I read the two books In the sheadow of the Marsflall,and The life and death of the raindeerpeopole. Lovely to see the foto of Jonas. He really existed!!!

Thank you for the information. My tripps to Sweden will be much more meaningfull now. By the way,we have a webside about Sweden:www.zweden.tk or members.home.nl/jim.joosten


Klaske Joosten